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Professional Writing Service 

for Doctors & Health Care Professionals

Your Career is not Someone's Hobby.

The gate for the next step in your career starts with a perfect CV. 

We are a group of doctors in the US, UK, and overseas with strong experience in writing and polishing your CV, personal statement, cover letter, ERAS, and Letter of recommendation for a doctor, researchers, and health care professionals. 


USMLE Book & Tutoring 

Meeting Your Needs

Interactive E-book 

First interactive E-book for USMLE exams.  All the Heart sounds, Radiology images, pathology images, and every Media-based question you will face in USMLE Exams.

USMLE Tutoring

We have the experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of job that comes our way. With C.V for Doctors, clients know exactly what to expect - professionalism, efficiency and exceptional results.

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ERAS application assist

A Package that includes

  1. ERAS writing

  2. Personal statement writing.

  3. Supplemental application. 

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CV Writing & Designing

  • We will build a CV,  specific to your specialty & pathway.

  • We discuss your career plans, collect all the information we need for your CV, present you in the best way and put your CV in the beautiful design.  

  • We are not done until you are 100% satisfied.

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Letter of Recommendations writing

LOR is the second most important factor in inviting you to an interview for the match.

We help you to make sure you don't lose an interview opportunity ever. 

  • We have a sophisticated process to make a personal statement that represents you. No templates or tricks.​

  • it all starts with understanding your career plans, brainstorming for the milestones of your personal statement then proceeding to write the first draft.  

  • We are specialized in writing the personal statement for The Match (USMLE).


ERAS Photo edit

Let our designers help you look professional and suitable for the job to which you aspire. 
Send your photo and will transfer it to a professional photo.

Guidelines for taking usable photos:

  1. Each file uploaded should be no smaller than 2MB in size.

  2. Your photos should be taken with any mobile with 10 megapixels or higher

  3. All photos uploaded should have the face and eyes in focus. 

  4. Taking pictures in natural light is preferred (outdoors or near a window). Make sure that the photos are not dark or grainy.

  5. Selfies are not allowed.

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Cover letter

Think of it as “bait” that you are using to “hook” the reader. The primary purpose of your cover letter, when combined with your resume, is to get an interview. The second purpose is to communicate “the intangibles” not readily apparent from the factual content of your resume.

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ERAS application Review:  CV and Personal statement .

For both documents 

  • Spelling, grammar, punctuation, and style mistakes throughout the two documents 

ERAS CV review: We analyze it for the following points: 

  • The descriptive paragraphs in work, volunteer experience, hobbies, and languages. From our experience, descriptive paragraphs are the main issue with most of the ERAS CV we see. 

  • Have you placed an item (a work experience) in another section (volunteer)?

  • Is there any space for improvement? 

Personal Statement Review

  • Have you covered the agreed-upon milestone of the personal statement?

  • Have you discussed any ideas or events that may harm your application?

  • How many cliches have you included? aren;t you the IMG who had a dear loss and love I.M  that for solving mysteries? 

  • Plagiarism check, we deliver an official report. 


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Very helpful honest professional
Highly recommend for professional CV


Fast reply ... Elegant styles ... Worth it

Mina Samy


Serious Man

He is VERY intelligent , Professional , Delicate and Brilliant
He is really Talented in his performance .
Thanks for you Help and Kindness,

Haitham Salah

Obtained Position in Dubai 

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very organized, helpful, creative and professional doctor, thank you for your great help

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He is very talented and competent

Ahmed Adel

Obtained a position in UK

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Very organized and very professional work done by well-experienced doctor.


Obtained Master Scholarship