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How does the CV-writing process work?

  1. Collecting data

    Fill out the comprehensive Writing Questionnaire to the best of your ability and submit your answers.

  2. Drafting

    You will be assigned a Writer to work with you throughout the process. Your Writer will begin putting together your Personal Statement right away.

  3. Return Copy

    The first version of your brand new Personal Statement will be provided to you for you to review, ask questions, and make any comments.

  4. Delivery

    Based on your feedback, a finalized copy will be provided for your use throughout the Residency Match Season.

How much time do you take to complete the whole process?

Great things take time.

Fast, cheap and good … pick two words to live by.

Writing a perfect personal statement takes a lot of time.

Expect a two weeks duration

When Do I pay ?

Like most other CV/Resume writing services, we do take payment at the time of order.

But, unlike some other CV/Resume writing services, all our work is fully Refundable.

Do I need fo to fill out all of your blank details form? 

No. If you have an existing CV/Resume which covers all the questions of the resume / personal statement form then you can simply send us this instead.

I feel a bit skeptical ! I am not sure !

You Should.

When you are using online service to make your CV or Personal statement , you are handling a critical part of your career to a complete stranger on the internet. 

Let's divide your worries into two parts:

  • 1st : The money you paid.
    It's completely refundable if you didn't like the result. We have never been asked for a refund. 

  • 2nd : The Quality of your CV or PS
    From the first contact with us, you will recognize how experienced we are in this field. It's so rare to find doctors who can dedicate that effort and time to help doctors make the the perfect CV or PS. 

I am applying for more than one program I heard it's recommended to have one PS for every specialty

Yes. You can upload as many PS as you like. You -manually- assign specific PS to each program. So, If you are applying to more than speciality, you should have more than PS and assign the PS accordingly.

How qualified are the Editors?

Our team is consisted of doctors and linguistic professors. 
We all are trained in the art of Personal Statements, CV and cover letters for medical staff only.

Can Program Directors tell I used a service?

Absolutely not. The goal of any Personal Statement is to illuminate the subject-- you! Editors and members work closely together to produce a cohesive document as unique as you are.

I don't have PayPal service in my country

We use Paypal because it's safe, easy and making a refund is one-click process. 
But for countries that doesn't have PayPal , we can receive the purchase via western union, money transfer to CIB, QNB, Bank of America.

Has anyone matched for whom you wrote their cv?

Of course, You can check our testimonials and reviews on ourFacebook page. We also helped doctors getting positions in UK  and research positions across the globe.

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