Personal Statement for the Match


Something not to be taken lightly 

.. is something that must have rules. 

Your Career
 Is Not Someone's Hobby.


Our Standards

Grammer Nazi

Language profeciency

No personal statement or CV is delivered before we double check it carefully for grammar, spelling, formatting, and punctuation. 


Authentic & Tailored

We don't use template or space fillers. we start from scratch and build an authentic CV and Personal statement that look like none's else.
It's also tailored to your speciality and targeted position (research vs clinical, USMLE vs MRCP, etc)


Calls, not only emails

Except if you are a poet, it difficult to fully express your self in writing, So we are the only service that provides voice calls to discuss everything needed to write the perfect personal statement.


Crafted Designs

This is your Feature Description. Use this space to describe this feature in more detail.


A Big Whole Package

When we deliver your personal statement for example you receive at least 4 files:

  1. P.S in pdf file for emails & print

  2. P.S in word to edit, copy & paste

  3. Language proficiency report

  4. Plagiarism report


Even unintended Plagiarism can destroy your opportunity. We run our CV & personal statement through a certified  Plagiarism checker, leaving no chance for a fatal mistake. 


How does the personal statement writing process work?

  1. The brainstorming 

  • There is  no way to make the personal statement unique to you, vivid with ideas and supporting your application other than that.

  • No-one else but you can tell your story. you can either fill the brainstorming file or arrange a call to discuss your answers.

  • This brainstorming file / call will help generates ideas for every hallmark of the ideal personal statement.

  • You can inquire and keep in touch always to finish this file..then will come the writing part

2. Drafting

  • Your Writer will begin putting together your Personal Statement right away. 

  • We developed solid rules for writing a personal statement.

  • One of the most important rules is not to have an introductory “sob story”. Sob stories are stories about tragic events in the applicant’s life. It is very common for an unexperienced applicant to think that relating the death of his dear to his career is a good perspective. but actually, this is a serious mistake. It gives a bad impression, besides being too cliche. Throughout the personal statement, we aim to mirror how your different life experiences shaped your personality and influenced your mentality.

  • The milestones for every personal statement are basically the same. Here come the role of our creativity and experience. A Personal statement that is not as unique as you is just a tool to throw your application in the huge pile of applications every program receives. 

3. The first draft. 

  • The first version of your brand new Personal Statement is  sent to you for you to review and feedback. There is no limit for how many times we rewrite your personal statement. 

  • We are committed to satisfy and impress you. 


I have written my personal statement, I just need a review?

We offer two different services for the personal statement. The proofreading service entities revising the personal statement for spelling, grammar, formatting, and plagiarism. In this service, we don’t review or change the conceptual content of the personal statement.. The second service is writing a personal statement from scratch. If you have a draft of your personal statement, send it to our email, we will review it for free and estimate a discount on the writing service.


I am applying for many specialities, Should I have more than one P.S?

  • Actually, this is the situation for most IMG.

  • So, we developed a formula for writing a personal statement that can be easily customized for different specialities.

  • You can upload as many personal statements as you want to ERAS then you assign each personal statement to different programs.


Examples from Our Personal statements

One of my blessings is how I was raised to scarce human life,  in a society that raises the act of saving it to the utmost honorable levels.  In the time I  started thinking about which career I should pursue, I witnessed many events happened to my country citizens and family members lead to my belief in the utter need for more and better doctors.

Ravi Ghani

I love to travel and have been fortunate that my medical career has enabled me to achieve this dream. I practiced medicine being in four continents and this will help me as l weave my way in becoming a better practitioner.

I traveled a long journey from Nigeria to States, from a qualified nurse to an ECFMG-qualified doctor. I fought up and my pursued medal is your residency program. It has a great reputation of having great mentors and fellowship opportunities to enable me to grow professionally.


The level of care provided to patients and the results we reach are the fuel that energised my passion. Engraved in mind, that who collapsed just after delivering the baby. After two weeks on respiratory support and intensive inotropes, the mother survived. That strong chain of obstetricians, anaesthesia, nurses, workers, and technicians grabbed the mother from the death back to her baby.

This mother and so many other patients have implanted the passion of anaesthesia inside me. I have always found regional anaesthesia and pain management a very interesting and challenging subspecialty.

A. Adel (British English)

The more I studied Rheumatology, the more I was intrigued by the level of intellectuality needed in this specialty. The more I attend my clinical rotation in the Rheumatology department, the more I was hunted by the level of sympathy the patients deserve.  


I am blessed with the gift of noble challenges, I picked my fights and I am winning all of them. They made the person who I am now and I look forward to more of them

Kris Michaels

.....That drove me into a lot of thinking. The availability of treatment, doctors and facilities are not always enough to save and treat patients. Building a public awareness and searching for a treatment for late stages are both fundamental. This has cemented my desire to take part in spreading awareness and in clinical research.

Aya Bahji