ERAS application Review:  CV and Personal statement .

ERAS application Review: CV and Personal statement .

For both documents 

  • Spelling, grammar, punctuation, and style mistakes throughout the two documents 

ERAS CV review: We analyze it for the following points: 

  • The descriptive paragraphs in work, volunteer experience, hobbies, and languages. From our experience, descriptive paragraphs are the main issue with most of the ERAS CV we see. 
  • Have you placed an item (a work experience) in another section (volunteer)?
  • Is there any space for improvement? 

Personal Statement Review

  • Have you covered the agreed-upon milestone of the personal statement?
  • Have you discussed any ideas or events that may harm your application?
  • How many cliches have you included? aren;t you the IMG who had a dear loss and love I.M  that for solving mysteries? 
  • Plagiarism check, we deliver an official report.